Balustrade Systems

HB&G has created unique and elegant Balustrade Systems that provide a natural complement to our columns and which will enhance the beauty of any home or commercial building.

Our Balustrade Systems are manufactured by molding high-density urethane around structural elements in order to provide the beauty, durability and quality you have come to expect from HB&G.

HB&G Balustrade Systems are available with 7″, 6″, and 12″ railings in 8′, 10′ or 12′ sections. Each rail system has two baluster profiles from which to choose from. We can also manufacture custom balusters.

6-Inch Balusters

6in_baluster_railing_top  Top Rail       6in_baluster_railing_bottom Bottom Rail

sherwood_baluster  Sherwood     square_baluster  Square   shelby_baluster  Shelby   shannon_baluster Shannon   safron_baluster Safron


7-Inch Balusters

7in_baluster_railing_top Top Rail    7in_baluster_railing_bottomBottom Rail

carrington_baluster  Carrington            clement_baluster  Clement            corben_balusterCorben            calvert_baluster Calvert


12-Inch Balusters

12in_baluster_railing_topTop Rail    12in_baluster_railing_bottomTop Rail

mandeville_baluster   Mandeville                                  manasses_baluster Manasses


HB&G recommends checking all local, state and national building codes during the design and installation of your balustrade system.

HB&G is not responsible or liable for any balustrade system that does not
meet the requirements of the governing building code in the location where the system is installed.

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