9 Foot Columns & Posts

The beauty and strength of 9-foot columns are certain to add a classical feel to your home. Whether you're improving load-bearing on your porch or creating a Victorian feel on the interior, you'll enjoy this impressive investment in your home's curb appeal or cache. Raise the bar with new 9-foot porch columns in Permacast or Permalite from HB&G. Our proprietary reinforced 9-foot fiberglass columns are lightweight yet strong enough to bear traditional loads. We also have squared and round fluted aluminum columns in several styles, pre-coated in white. 

When your measurements call for a 9 ft. porch column, you can choose from a large selection of materials and shapes to get the perfect one. Or, make your porch pop with 9-foot wood columns in styles from rustic to modern, direct from our custom woodshop. Sit on the porch swing and enjoy the late summer breeze knowing you're supported by a 9-foot column at every corner, each one made from the finest materials and crafted to last a lifetime. 

Request Info On 9 Foot Columns

For details, dimensions, installation instructions, and more information, please visit the Information Center, fill out the contact form, or call one of our knowledgeable customer service representatives at 1-800-264-4424. For architectural questions, specifications, and installation questions, please fill out the form on the Custom Take Offs page. 

Experience the Simplicity and Strength of Our 9-Foot Columns

HB&G's 9-foot columns are easy to install and backed by over 140 years of experience. Our products are known for their top-notch craftsmanship by professional builders and DIYers alike. If your new or existing porch calls for a 9 ft. column, you'll be amazed at the many styles and designs you can choose from. Your porch will thank you for choosing HB&G.

Frequently Asked Questions


How do I know if I need load-bearing 9-foot columns?

That's a great question many people ask. There are four easy steps: check your blueprints if you can get them; look for seams to see if a decorative wrap has been added over a load-bearing post; pull down the capital to see original installation; and check out what the column seems to be made of, this can sometimes give a common sense clue.

How do I know if I need a 9 ft. porch column?

It's all in the measuring. To see if you need 9-foot porch columns, first, measure from the bottom of the roof to the floor — allowing for the capital and plinth; measure the bottom diameter; take the height in inches and divide by seven. Some rounding may be necessary. If you have the column, figure the diameter of the shaft and multiply by seven.