Round columns can be fluted or plain, with or without the classic tapering of the upper two-thirds of the column.

Square columns are available in a variety of styles, including plain, fluted, applied or recessed panel, and RoughSawn®.

Craftsman PermaCast® Columns are now available in a number of different popular sizes.

PermaCast® Porch Columns

Porch ColumnsBuilding code tested HB&G PermaCast® Columns are great for many applications. These columns, maintain architectural authenticity and historical accuracy. They’re also weatherproof, insect proof, and come with a limited lifetime warranty. PermaCast® columns can be used as front porch support columns or decorative columns and are available in both round columns and square columns. Our most popular sizes now come with the Plumb-Fit® Installation System on the Tuscan Cap and Base sets.

HB&G PermaCast® Fiberglass Columns are available in round or square.  The round columns are fluted or plain, with or without the classic tapering of the upper two-thirds of the column.  Square columns are available in a variety of styles as well, including plain or fluted, applied panel, recessed panel, RoughSawn®, or the craftsman style column.  The PermaCast® capitals and bases are made from durable, low-maintenance materials and, like the columns, they maintain architectural authenticity and historical accuracy.

RoughSawn® are structural fiberglass columns with the look and feel of rough sawn wood. PermaCast® RoughSawn® will not check, split, twist, or rot like wood.

Column-Loc® is a patented column installation system exclusively designed for porch applications where wind-uplift forces can be present. The system is a cost-effective and easy to install solution to add wind-uplift protection to an architectural column.

Why Choose PermaCast® Porch Columns?

Complete System
With HB&G’s PermaCast® Porch Columns, you can choose from the widest array of sizes and styles of synthetic columns and cap and base products on the market.

Code Approvals
HB&G has the latest code approvals. For more information, please see our ICC-ESR-1361.

Consistency and Appearance
Porch Columns are the distinguishing mark on a home’s exterior. With HB&G’s PermaCast® Columns, you will have a more consistent wall thickness and a smooth surface from column to column due to the latest technology that’s used in our production facility in Troy, Alabama. HB&G’s proprietary formulation provides you a stronger column that is more damage resistant than the competition.

Ease of Installation
Our flashing cap and installation kit is only available from HB&G! Flashing caps and installation kits are included with select Tuscan Cap and Base sets on PermaCast® round tapered and square non-tapered columns only. The Flashing Cap not only prevents debris from entering the column, it secures the top of the column while the installation brackets secure the bottom of the column. Split column installation kits are available and include everything needed to install a split PermaCast® column. Our most popular sizes now include the new Plumb-Fit® installation system in the Tuscan Cap and Base Sets.

Column-Loc® makes column installation easy when wind-uplift resistance is required.

HB&G does not use additives or coatings that interfere with paint adhesion, there are no sanding scars or need to sand PermaCast® Columns. HB&G caps and bases are primed and ready to paint. All that is needed with HB&G’s PermaCast® Columns caps and bases is to remove any excess dust or dirt from the surface prior to priming and painting.

HB&G Architectural Support
With HB&G’s Architectural Department, you can obtain everything from design, takeoffs, CAD drawings, and Continuing Education (CE) Courses for Architects and Designers just by contacting us or visiting our website.

The Reliability of a Proven Brand
HB&G has been around since 1880 and is the leading supplier of synthetic structural columns, railing, and balustrade systems.


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