Column-Loc® Column Installation System


Wind uplift is a force that occurs when the air pressure below a roof assembly is greater than the wind air pressure above it. If the air pressure is greater than the designed roof system, it can lift the roof off of its structure. The Column-Loc™ system is an easy to install and cost effective solution to add wind-uplift protection to an architectural column without the time, labor and cost associated with traditional methods.

HB&G Introduces a New System to Prevent Wind-Uplift on Porches Eliminating the Need for a Split Column.

Sizes Available: 8″ and 10″ Round and Square PermaCast® Columns


Column-Loc™ Features and Benefits

•  Column Tie-Down System

•  Designed and Tested to Add Wind Uplift Resistance to a Porch Roof Overhang

•  Cost Effective Solution – Reduces Column Installation Time and Labor, Compared to Installing a    Split Column Around a Load Bearing Post

•  All Hardware Included

•  Complete Installation Kit with 1/2″ SS Threaded Rods or Plate Package* Available

•  Designed for 8″ and 10″ Round (Taper and No-Taper) and Square PermaCast® Columns

•  Designed for Coastal Applications – Galvanized Steel and Stainless Steel Components

•  Patented System

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Column Loc specifications and install kits

Uplift Load Test Results

Florida Product Approval  FL# 17753

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