PLUMB-FIT® Column Installation System

plumb-fit-01Contractors and do-it-yourselfers no longer have to struggle to determine the correct plumb location for the installation of an architectural column. The correct installation of columns is now a breeze with our patented PLUMB-FIT® system. This unique, all-in-one PLUMB-FIT® column installation system is designed to reduce the time and labor needed to install architectural columns, and to ensure accurate columns placement.

The PLUMB-FIT® column installation system is made in the USA and included with select HB&G Tuscan cap and base sets. The installation kit includes a polyurethane capital and base, a base target for both round and square columns, a flashing cap with the PLUMB-FIT® feature, and easy to follow installation instructions. PLUMB-FIT®  is being introduced as standard equipment with HB&G PermaCast® 6-inch through 12-inch round and square column Tuscan cap and base sets.




  • All in one installation system for PermaCast® columns
  • Reduce Time and Labor
  • PLUMB-FIT® simplifies accurate placement of column
  • The First Installation System built into the flashing Cap
  • PLUMB-FIT now standard with noted HB&G Tuscan cap and base sets
  • PLUMB-FIT® Target for Round and Square Columns Included
  • Patented System
  • Made in the USA

What is included in the PLUMB-FIT Installation System?

  • Polyurethane Cap
  • Polyurethane or PermaTuff® Base
  • Base Target
  • Flashing Cap with PLUMB-FIT feature.
  • Installation Kit
  • Installation Instructions

 *Plumb-bob not included


Patent 9689674

Installation Instructions

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