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Square Aluminum Columns

If round porch columns are not the shape you are looking for, HB&G's square aluminum columns options will take care of any need you may have. The square aluminum columns are available in fluted, recessed panel Heritage, and textured, matte Legend and Elite styles. The fluted column comes with a standard cap and base. The Heritage, Legend, and Elite have a specific cap and base style for each column. 

Square column sections snap together. They do not hinge or slide together like our round columns. the easiest method to assemble the square columns is to assemble the four section columns into two piece halves, then snap together. It is best to use a rubber mallet for this. 

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Square Fluted Column Sizes


4" 8, 10'
6" 8, 9, 10'
8" 8, 9, 10'
10" 8, 9, 10'

Heritage, Elite, and Legend Column Sizes


6" 8, 9, 10'
8" 8, 9, 10'

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