Wood Columns -

Wood Columns

We offer columns ranging from the timeless architectural orders, all-tapered, plain or fluted styles. Columns are available in paint grade, finger-jointed wood species (pine, redwood, or cedar) for interior or exterior applications or stain grade woods for interior applications. Our stock wood columns are available in a finger-jointed pine. We can factory prime columns to be painted and apply an asphaltum coating to the interior of the column for added protection for columns to be installed outside.

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Stock Wood Column Sizes



6" 8, 10'
8" 8, 10, 12'
10" 8, 10, 12'
12" 8, 10, 12'

Larger Sizes and Different Wood Species Available for Special Order. 

Please visit the information center for the custom wood quote form.

What you need to know before ordering a wood column:

  • The height of the column includes cap and base. 
  • Cap and base fit on top and bottom of column insulating it from the elements. 
  • Split columns are not load bearing. 
  • Store columns in a dry, well-ventilated area. 
  • For exterior applications: The interior of the column shaft must be painted with a nonfibrous asphaltum coating to protect against moisture. The application must reach a minimum of 48" up the inside bottom of the column shaft. 
  • Wood columns require ventilation at the top and bottom. 

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