PermaWrap® Column Wrap Columns

PVC Column Wrap

The PermaWrap® column was designed to maintain the appearance of the elegant high-end columns while remaining competitively priced. Leading the industry in column innovation, HB&G PermaWrap columns are made from cellular PVC and offer advantages of being unaffected by moisture and insects, but with the thickness, ease of use and workability of wood.

PermaWrap® Columns are available in all sizes and styles — square or craftsman — plain, fluted, raised panel, and recessed panel. With all of these options, you are certain to find just the right amount of detail for your specific project. Best of all, the PermaWrap® column comes with a 25-year HB&G warranty.

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Installation Instructions (Installation kits are included with PermaWrap®)
Square PermaWrap® Installation Instructions
Craftsman PermaWrap® Installation Instructions


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