Finishing Touch Millwork - Ceiling Accents, Decorative Corner Brackets & Outdoor Lamp Posts

Whether you're building a home from scratch or renovating a room or porch, the seemingly small details can often have the largest impact. That historically inspired moulding or those intricately designed ceiling medallions — It all plays a part in the feeling and overall aesthetics of your home. Inspired by tradition and shaped by the latest trends, HB&G has created a timeless selection of millwork accessories featuring architectural touches and designs to put the finishing touch your home project.

Shop Charming Millwork Accents From HB&G

From ceiling medallions to porch post brackets, HB&G has the millwork accessories to complement any design. Our selection of polyurethane front porch brackets offers an affordable way to add historical charm to your front porch. Looking for new porch ceiling ideas or a stylish, statement accent piece? Our PermaPorch® ceiling will provide you and your family with unique and lasting beauty for years to come. We even offer an unparalleled selection of PermaPost® lamp posts and decorative medallions to add even more character and warmth to your home. HB&G's millwork accents provide a low-maintenance, lightweight and durable way to add style and decor to your home.

Learn More About Our Selection of Millwork Accessories

At HB&G, we have a vast selection of styles and finishes to choose from when designing your new home. Do you have a question or need additional information about any of our millwork products? Fill out a contact form or call one of our knowledgeable customer service representatives at 1-800-264-4424. For architectural inquiries, specifications or installation questions, please contact our Architectural Services Department. At HB&G, we're here to assist you with the finishing touches to create your "dream home!"