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New Color, Improved Performance.

Don’t let the new color fool you—our new and improved PermaCast Plus™ Columns provide better performance and an even better impact on the environment. Made in the USA, PermaCast Plus™ Columns come ready to prime and paint and offer a consistent appearance.

PermaCast Plus™ Columns feature a class A fire rating along with a lighter weight design for easier setup and installation. Our columns are ideal for interior and exterior use. The appearance of our PermaCast Plus™ fiberglass columns can be customized to match even the most unique aesthetic. Our columns provide low maintenance year-round, making them perfect for any residential or commercial property.

For additional features and benefits, download our sell sheet.

Download Sell Sheet

For additional features and benefits, download our sell sheet.

Download Sell Sheet

Column Product & Sizing Information

PermaCast Plus™ Columns are available in round or square sizes with numerous dimensions. The new and improved version of our industry-standard column is available in the following options:

Plain Square

Width: 6-16" Height: 6-20'

Fluted Square

Width: 8-10" Height: 8-10'

Recessed Panel Square

Width: 8-14" Height: 8-14'

Craftsman Square

Width: 10-16" Height: 4.8-10'

RoughSawn® Square

Width: 8-12" Height: 8-12'

RoughSawn® Craftsman

Width: 10-12" Height: 66"

Plain & Fluted Round Tapered

Width: 6-30" Height: 4-30'

No-Taper Round

Width: 8-24" Height: 6-30'

Numerous Cap & Base Options

Most Columns Available Split, Installation Kits Available.

PermaCast Plus™️: Load-Bearing Columns That Deliver Style and Performance

Despite their lighter weight, PermaCast Plus™️ columns won't let you down. They offer larger load capacities, giving you the peace of mind you need. Load-bearing columns are worthy of careful attention because of the vital role they play in maintaining the structural sanctity of your home. They must displace weight from your home's roof to its foundation, and PermaCast Plus™️ columns are up to the challenge.

Our columns are not only functional but also decorative. They blend in with your home's design and provide just the right touch to complete the look you want. PermaCast Plus™️ columns are available in a variety of styles, such as:

  • Round
  • Square
  • Tapered
  • Fluted

Recessed panels are another popular option.

PermaCast Plus™️ columns are a great choice for a wide range of home designs, including:

  • Craftsman
  • Colonial
  • Traditional
  • Mid-century modern
  • Contemporary
  • Georgian

Whatever your style, we have you covered with PermaCast Plus™️ columns.

Environmental Considerations

Our columns are made of recycled material, so you can feel good about installing them around your home. And they're made in the USA, giving you the satisfaction of working with a home-grown supplier.

The columns are also versatile. Ranging in height from four to 30 feet, PermaCast Plus™️ columns are an excellent solution for indoor or outdoor use. Thanks to our outstanding craftsmanship, they provide a consistent appearance wherever they're used. With low maintenance requirements and a Class A fire rating, PermaCast Plus™️ columns are uniquely suited for your home design needs.

Do PermaCast Plus™️ columns come with a warranty?

Yes, PermaCast Plus™️ columns are backed by our limited lifetime warranty.

Can I paint PermaCast Plus™️ columns?

Yes, PermaCast Plus™️ columns come ready to prime and paint. You can also stain the RoughSawn® versions with a solid-body acrylic stain.

Are PermaCast Plus™️ columns easy to install?

Yes, you can install PermaCast Plus™️ columns in minutes. Installation kits are available.

Can I order a PermaCast Plus™️ column split for use around an existing structural post?

Yes, we can split most PermaCast Plus™️ columns for placement around an existing post.

How do I know if a column is load-bearing?

If you're replacing columns on an existing porch, knowing which columns are load-bearing is crucial. The structural integrity of your home depends on the correct approach. Check out our reference guide for load-bearing columns for full details on how to assess your porch columns.

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