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Load-Bearing Porch Posts

For an inviting and durable decorative look for your front porch, choose Colonial, Chamfered, or Square PermaPost® porch posts. These synthetic load-bearing porch posts offer an insect and weatherproof alternative to a traditional wood porch posts. PermaPost® porch posts comprise an outer shell surrounding a galvanized steel pipe and polyurethane foam filler. The Colonial and Chamfered PermaPost® load-bearing columns are pre-finished white and are not meant to be painted in the field due to their polyethylene material. The Square PermaPost® is made from low-maintenance PVC porch column and is prefinished in a white capstock. All of our PermaPost® options come with a 25-year Limited Warranty.

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PermaPost exterior columns for homes


Colonial PermaPost columns Colonial PermaPost columns PermaPost square exterior columns


Colonial PermaPost® Sizes

Porch Post Size Lengths
5" 8, 9'
6" High Density 8, 9'


Colonial PermaPosts are shipped with 2 fasteners per post. 


PermaPost exterior column brackets


The Square PermaPost® is available in a 5" width and lengths of 8, 9, and 10'.


PermaPost column fastening kit


The Chamfered PermaPost® is available in a 6" width and a length of 8'


PermaPost exterior columns dimensions


An optional PermaPost® fastening kit is also available and is sold separately. Each kit comes with skirt, brackets, and screws for wood or concrete substrates. 


PermaPost column fastening kit


Dimensions of the PermaPost® collection are nominal and may vary slightly. 5" Colonial Posts are net 4". 6" Colonial Posts are net 5". Chamfered posts are net 5.5". The Square Post is net 4.25".

Load-Bearing Porch Columns Built for the Long Haul

When it comes to exterior porch posts, there are distinct differences between load-bearing porch posts and decorative porch posts. As the name suggests, decorative columns are installed for aesthetic purposes; they offer no structural or foundational support. Because of this fact, they are often constructed from cheaper materials that wear out quickly.

Load-bearing porch posts—such as PermaCast® round and square columns—are dual-function. They add curb appeal to your home, but they’re also a critical keystone that displaces weight from your roof down to your house’s foundation. With that in mind, it’s evident how integral load-bearing columns are to the structural sanctity of your home. We recognize and embrace that fact. We’re proud to provide square and round PermaCast® load-bearing porch columns that offer charming designs and decades of uncompromising support. With a limited 25-year warranty included, we believe this promise is built for the long haul.

How do you know if a decorative column is load-bearing?

It’s critically important to examine all exterior porch posts for your home. As mentioned above, there are major differences between strictly decorative columns and structural, load-bearing columns. With structural integrity and your personal safety on the line, there is no margin of error. That’s why our professional porch experts have created this quick reference guide to find out if you have load-bearing porch posts.

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