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PermaPost® - Load Bearing Exterior Columns

For a warm and inviting decorative look for your front porch, choose from the Colonial, Chamfered, or Square PermaPost®. These synthetic porch posts offer an insect and weatherproof alternative to a traditional wood porch posts. HB&G PermaPost® products are also low maintenance and load bearing. PemaPost® options are composed of an outer shell that surrounds a galvanized steel pipe and polyurethane foam filler.  The Colonial and Chamfered PermaPost® is pre-finished white and is not meant to be painted in the field due to its polyethylene material. The Square PermaPost® is made from low maintenance PVC porch column and is prefinished in a white capstock. All of the PermaPost® options come with a 25-year Limited Warranty. 

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Colonial PermaPost® Sizes

Porch Post Size Lengths
5" 8, 9'
6" High Density 8, 9'

Colonial PermaPosts are shipped with 2 fasteners per post. 

The Square PermaPost® is available in a 5" width and lengths of 8, 9, and 10'.


The Chamfered PermaPost® is available in a 6" width and a length of 8'

An optional PermaPost® fastening kit is also available and is sold separately. Each kit comes with skirt, brackets, and screws for wood or concrete substrates. 

Dimensions of the PermaPost® collection are nominal and may vary slightly. 5" Colonial Posts are net 4". 6" Colonial Posts are net 5". Chamfered posts are net 5.5". The Square Post is net 4.25".


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