Perma-Loc Versatile Uplift Anchoring System -

Perma-Loc Versatile Uplift Anchoring System

HB&G® Introduces a New Versatile Uplift Anchoring System The new uplift anchoring system from HB&G® is versatile, easy to install and affordable. The code compliant hardware kits provide the function needed to protect column supported projecting roof lines from wind uplift forces, while solving for common coastal challenges for residential, commercial and municipal installations.

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Perma-Loc uplift anchoring system for porch columns

Perma-Loc® Features and Benefits:

  • 4,200 lb strength galvanized aircraft cable combined with 316 stainless steel marine-grade attachment hardware for optimal uplift resistance. Exceeds the required capacity for 1,000 lb. uplift.
  • Perma-Loc® eliminates the need to split a column, along with all of the labor and material costs associated with splitting and rejoining two column halves.
  • All hardware is included for concrete substrate applications.
  • Available in three sizes: up to 12', 16', and 20' lengths.
  • Extremely cost effective and versatile application that covers the entire spectrum of HB&G load bearing products.
  • Patented design accompanied by certified/stamped engineering documentation.
  • Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation approved #37300.

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