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Indoor & outdoor columns are an eye-catching architectural feature that can be used as structural support, a decorative design element or both. Outdoor columns are the perfect way to add a touch of character and charm to your home while indoor columns add grandeur and elegance to your home’s indoor style. If your home needs additional support, load-bearing columns are a great way to add curb appeal while improving the structural integrity of your home.

HB&G Building Products offers the largest selection of decorative and structural indoor & outdoor columns on the market. With a wide variety of sizes, styles and material options to choose from, we have interior columns and exterior columns to meet the needs of any project.

At HB&G, we offer both decorative and load-bearing columns, as well as our innovative PVC column wraps — a quick and easy solution to cover or replace any existing structural post with that perfect custom fit. From timeless outdoor columns to contemporary designs, HB&G has the right columns for any project.

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From your front porch to your great room, at HB&G we're all about elevating and enhancing the spaces where you gather. Our selection of interior and exterior columns is designed to complement any decor style and is created to be both durable and low-maintenance. Because the last thing you need to worry about is maintaining your building columns. Discover why the experts turn to HB&G for indoor and outdoor columns, architectural products and so much more.

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Whether you're looking for structural porch columns or decorative interior and exterior columns, HB&G offers a variety of materials to choose from. Each provides its own unique benefits, style, and maintenance level.

Browse our columns to learn more about the prefabricated building columns available from HB&G Columns.

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At HB&G, we have a wide selection of sizes, options and finishes to choose from when designing your new home. Have a question or need more information about our house columns? Fill out a contact form or call one of our knowledgeable customer service representatives at 1-800-264-4424. For any architectural inquiries, specifications or installation questions, please contact our Architectural Services Department. At HB&G, we're here to assist you with putting the finishing touches on your home to make it a "dream home!"