Front Porch Columns

An often overlooked building element is the front porch column, yet the style and appearance of front porch columns can definitely impact the curb appeal of your property. Whether you're adding exterior porch columns or replacing existing columns, HB&G is here to help. We have architectural front porch columns in various styles to match your home and satisfy your personal preferences.

Exterior Porch Columns In Every Style

Whether you're adding columns to a contemporary style structure or you're looking for a more classic design, HB&G has the exterior porch columns for your project. Choose from plain or fluted round columns – or square columns that are fluted, plain or feature recessed panels. Then select the base and cap to provide the ideal finishing touches to your front porch column.

What HB&G Architectural Front Porch Columns Are Made Of

Depending on the look and performance you want from your architectural front porch columns, you have several choices of material:

  • Fiberglass: HB&G fiberglass front porch columns are the only ones to comply with changes to International Building Code (IBC) and the International Residential Code (IRC). Our columns also comply with the Acceptance Criteria for Fiberglass Columns. Fiberglass is the ideal choice for exterior porch columns because it's weatherproof, rot-proof, insect-proof and very durable. The bases and caps for our front porch columns are constructed of low-maintenance materials that are also durable and provide the look you're trying to achieve, whether you're going for historical authenticity or a modern vibe. For maximum ease of installation, check out our SmartColumn™, which uses a pultruded sleeve and beveled cap and base, eliminating the need to site-build a column.
  • PVC Column Wraps: Made of cellular PVC, these front porch column wraps are impervious to insects and moisture but possess the thickness, ease of use and manageability of wood. Another advantage is that PVC column wraps are simple to install – plus, they come with a 25-year Limited Warranty.
  • Wood: Our architectural wood shop offers a comprehensive line of wood columns in stock and custom sizes. Choose from plain, all-tapered or fluted styles. We provide columns in paint-grade, finger-jointed wood varieties (redwood, pine or cedar) for exterior porch columns. HB&G stock wood columns can be factory primed, so you can paint them and apply an asphaltum coating for added protection.
  • Perma-Loc® System: This versatile uplift anchoring system from HB&G is easy to install, versatile and affordable. Each code-compliant hardware kit protects projecting roof lines from wind uplift forces while addressing common coastal challenges for commercial, residential and municipal installations.

Frequently Asked Questions About Front Porch Columns

Following are answers to commonly asked questions concerning front porch columns. Please let us know if you have additional concerns.

Are These Front Porch Columns Load-Bearing?

With the exception of PVC column wraps – which protect existing load-bearing columns – our front porch columns are load-bearing.

Are These Architectural Front Porch Columns?

Yes, HB&G provides architectural front porch columns. An architectural column is a vertical component with a squared, rounded or polygonal shaft, a base and a capital. Architectural columns primarily serve as a means of support, but can also act strictly as a design feature.

How Do I Keep My Porch Columns From Rotting?

Choosing a material like fiberglass or PVC means you'll never have to worry about your front porch column rotting – or being devoured by insects. That's why these materials are often chosen over traditional wood columns. If you decide to use wood columns, you'll need to have them painted and caulked at the joints to prevent water from seeping in. You may also choose to add a protective coating to prevent damage.

Vitalize Your Entrance With Front Porch Columns From HB&G

Whether you're remodeling or involved in new construction, HB&G has front porch columns that won't let you down. Whatever material and design you prefer, we can get you the exterior porch columns you need to provide your property with the look you have in mind. Order your columns today!

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