Fiberglass Pergola Kits

HB&G manufactures fiberglass pergola kits using pultrusion technology to produce the strongest yet lightest structures available with a Limited Lifetime Warranty. Our structural fiberglass components are strong, lightweight, and provide a higher level of aesthetic quality than vinyl or wood pergolas. HB&G has designed three series of pergolas to best fit your needs. The Serenity® Series are kept in stock and are single support rafter with header style. The Tranquility® series carries a lead time and has numerous sizes available to fit almost any size space. The Solace® series is our latest contemporary pergolas that are made to fit one of our shade sail options. 

All of our fiberglass pergolas come pre-finished with ChromaGuard® engineered coating and the Arbor-Loc® tie-down system. Fiberglass pergolas also have hollow rafters that act as a conduit for wiring. Fans, heaters, and misters can all be added in the field to make your pergola the perfect addition to your backyard. Fiberglass pergolas will not rot, check, or twist and offer the stability a vinyl pergola cannot offer. Choose from our semi-custom options and Mor-Shade® shade options as well. 

Request Info On Fiberglass Pergolas

For details, dimensions, installation instructions and more information, please visit the Information Center, fill out the contact form, or call one of our knowledgeable customer service representatives at 1-800-264-4424. Architectural questions, specifications, and installation questions, please fill out the form on the Custom Take Offs page. For warranty questions or to file a claim, please email or fill out the contact form.

Are pergola kits worth it?

A fiberglass pergola can be a beautiful focal point in your backyard, and it offers unique value in several important ways. Since fiberglass pergola kits are constructed from supremely resilient fiberglass beams, you do not have to worry about rotting like you would with a wood or vinyl pergola kit. And when you purchase your fiberglass pergola kit from HB&G, you’ll also receive detailed installation instructions and a limited lifetime warranty for your product. Altogether, these benefits should provide peace of mind, and allow you to focus on what really matters—the beauty, tranquility, and versatility that your brand new fiberglass pergola will bring you...and your backyard!

What is the difference between a pergola and a gazebo?

Though they both offer shade and decorative appeal, a pergola and a gazebo have many distinct differences. The primary difference is the roof structure. A gazebo has a covered roof similar to that of a house, while a pergola has spacious slats that are designed to allow varying degrees of light to shine through. While many enjoy the extra protection of a gazebo, just as many appreciate how a pergola allows light to naturally stream through while simultaneously offering some shading. In terms of aesthetics, both structures are popular, though for distinct reasons. With gazebos being enclosed—and often elevated off the ground—they look and feel like their own miniature abode. Conversely, pergolas are universally beloved because of their open-air, elegant, and understated design and functionality. With a pergola, you can incorporate plants and other decorative hangings, as well as hybridize your shading option and sun exposure. And by purchasing your fiberglass pergola kit from HB&G, you’ll also enjoy a limited lifetime warranty.