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Porch-Loc® Porch Post Support

Porch-Loc® by HB&G is the latest innovation for the PermaPost® collection. Designed to provide wind uplift resistance to your porch, Porch-Loc® secures structural Colonial and Square PermaPost® syles to the floor and beam/header. Durable SIM skirts are included in the installation kit.

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The Benefits of Porch Post Supports

Porch post supports are essential for securing beam-to-column and column-to-foundation connections. Homes with deep porches and decks in areas prone to high winds and hurricanes have an increased risk of assemblies suffering structural damage and becoming windborne debris due to the effects of wind uplift.

What Is Wind Uplift & How Do Metal Porch Post Supports Fight Against It?

Wind uplift occurs when the air pressure below the roof framing system of your porch or deck creates a higher positive pressure than the negative air pressure above the roof framing system. The combination of positive and negative air pressures creates a "push-pull" force that separates porch beams or foundations from their support columns. To resist the effects of wind uplift, porch post support brackets should be installed at the column's connection with the foundation and roof beam. Porch-Loc® Porch Post Supports add up to 923 lbs. of wind uplift resistance to each load-bearing Colonial and Square PermaPosts® it secures to dramatically reduce the risk of your porch suffering structural damage and becoming windborne debris during high winds.

Porch-Loc® metal porch post supports are affordable, easy to install, and feature durable prefinished skirts that match the finish of your Colonial and Square PermaPosts® and conceal the porch post support brackets you put in place. If you have specific questions or cannot find what you need from the Information Center, please fill out the Contact Form at the bottom of the page, and one of our knowledgeable representatives will gladly assist you.

How Do You Install Porch Post Support Brackets to Secure Load-Bearing Columns?

Designed for 5" and 6" Colonial PermaPorch® and 5" Square PermaPorch® load-bearing columns, Porch-Loc® Porch Post Supports can be easily installed to resist the dangers of wind uplift. If you are comfortable with DIY projects, installing Porch-Loc® Metal Porch Post Supports is a simple job to tackle. Download our step-by-step Installation Instructions and get started. In the meantime, you will require the following tools and products:

  • Plumb bob
  • Pair of sawhorses
  • Metal-cutting hacksaw or reciprocating saw
  • Power drill
  • Caulk gun
  • Clear, water-based construction adhesive
  • Pencil, tape measure, level, and square
  • Tape or shims

You can also hire a professional to install porch post support brackets or Contact our team of specialists if you have any problems.

How Do You Replace a Support Post on a Porch?

Before installing porch post support brackets, it is a good idea to check each load-bearing column for any structural damage, especially if they have been an existing part of your home for many years. While columns are designed to be durable and weather-resistant, it is not uncommon to find cracks, rot, and other damage in old porch posts. If one or more of the load-bearing columns on your porch is old and damaged, you will want to replace them before installing porch post supports. Please consult the complete guide to Replacing Porch Columns in our Information Center, but here is a condensed list of instructions for installing a new support post on a porch:

  1. Research and Select High Quality, Load-Bearing Porch Post Rated to Support Your Roof
  2. Detach the Balustrade (If Applicable)
  3. Cut the New Column to Size (If Necessary) and Ensure It Is Properly Ventilated
  4. Raise the Porch Ceiling Using a 4x4 and Jack
  5. Replace the Porch Column
  6. Lower the Porch Ceiling to Set the Load of Your Roof on the New Column
  7. Re-attach the Balustrade (If Applicable)
  8. Paint or Stain New Porch Column (If Applicable)

Replacing a support post on a porch is a task you can take on yourself, but make sure you feel comfortable with involved DIY projects. Hiring a reputable contractor is never a bad idea, especially if you are pressed for time. If you have questions or cannot find what you need from the Information Center, please fill out the Contact Form below, and we will be in touch with you.

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