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Outdoor Living - Privacy Screens, Outdoor Pergolas & Patio Trellises

HB&G’s outdoor living products are a great way to enjoy the outdoors by adding shade and structure to an outdoor living space, pool, or spa area. Designed for both beauty and strength, HB&G Outdoor Living products can turn a sunny backyard into an affordable, luxurious retreat for entertaining or relaxing. All of our products are made in the USA!

Premium pergolas

Trellises & Eyebrows

Designed to complement the architecture of your home, HB&G’s eyebrow trellises are available in three standard sizes. They look great over an exterior window, door, or garage.

Privacy Screens

Add privacy to any outdoor setting with HB&G’s privacy screens. Perfect for a pool, dining areas, or multi-family applications, the fiberglass privacy screen gives privacy with all the beauty of our fiberglass products. Two standard sizes are available.