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Wood Porch Posts

HB&G also offers a #100 turned wood porch post for designs that require wood instead of synthetic material. Our turned wood posts are available in 4, 5, and 6" nominal sizes. Woods posts must be installed with aluminum plinths or quick-mount brackets to comply with the warranty and prevent moisture damage. They are also available in primed or unprimed options.

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Nothing adds beauty, character, and value to a home quite like wooden porch posts. Adding or replacing turned porch posts will give your house the charm and personality you’ve always wanted. Our wooden porch posts and columns are available in a variety of profiles and sizes and can even be custom designed to match your home. These porch posts are turned from natural wood and are available in primed or unprimed options. Whether you’re looking to give your home a traditional look or you want something more modern, we’ve got turned wood posts to match your aesthetic. Invest in your home with beautiful and functional wood porch posts from HB&G.

How Do I Choose the Best Wood Porch Columns for My Home?

When choosing wood porch columns for your home, there are a few things to consider. First, it’s important to know what kind of porch posts you currently have. If you don’t know whether your columns are decorative or load-bearing, check out our information center for details. You should also consider what type of wood you want to use and what kind of post will match your home’s architectural style. Choosing wood porch posts made of high-quality wood and complementary style will transform your home’s exterior.

What Kind of Wood is Used for Turned Porch Posts?

There are many different types of woods used to make turned porch posts. Choosing a wood species that is naturally rot-resistant and durable will require less maintenance and can last a lifetime. Species like redwood and cedar are extremely durable and contain natural oils that repel insects and moisture. They are prized for their beautiful color and grain. Pine is an excellent choice, as it is naturally resistant to rot and it is less expensive than redwood and cedar. Pine is also free of knots and heavy grain patterns, which makes it perfect for painting.

How Do You Keep Wooden Porch Posts from Rotting?

Preparation is key in preventing wooden porch posts from rotting. With the proper care and maintenance, you can dramatically increase the longevity of your wooden porch posts and columns. Here are the best ways to keep your porch posts from rotting:

  • Use primer and paint on your turned wood posts. Giving your porch posts a coat of primer on all sides, top and bottom, and a couple of coats of quality acrylic exterior paint will protect your columns from weather and help them last longer.
  • Install your posts with aluminum plinths or quick-mount brackets. A great way to prevent rot is to allow airflow under your column or post. Using an aluminum plinth is a simple way to ensure that your wood porch columns are installed correctly and that they are protected from moisture.
  • Use an exterior caulking sealant. If the bottom of your porch post has a flat base or is prone to collecting water, waterproofing the area is a great way to prevent damage. Add some sealant along the base, and fill in any cracks so that rainwater will flow off instead of entering your wooden structures.

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