Pergola Kits

Pergolas bring a natural warmth and elegance to any outdoor living space. Whether you're looking to create an oasis for those quiet Sundays or make a dramatic statement of design, HB&G has pergola kits that provide all the beauty of wood with more durability. From our flat top or arched top pergola systems to our newest Solace® Pergolas, no one can compete with the durability and lasting beauty of pergola systems by HB&G Building Products.

Unlike traditional wood pergolas, our pergola kits aren't affected by moisture or insects, so you'll spend more time enjoying your backyard instead of worrying about repairs. If you like Tuscan style pergolas, check out the Tranquility® Pergola Series featuring square or round tapered pergola posts and standard Napa rafter tails. Do you like pergola systems with extra shade? HB&G is proud to offer the Mor-Shade® canopy, shade sail and purlin in six Sunbrella® fabric color options.

There's never been a better time to buy pergolas and transform your outdoor space into the haven you deserve. With eye-catching designs that won't rot, twist or be invaded by insects, a pergola kit from HB&G is the perfect addition to your backyard.

Fiberglass Outdoor Pergolas from HB&G

Discover the elegance and endurance of our fiberglass pergola kits, designed to seamlessly blend durability with beauty. Engineered for longevity, our pergolas feature hollow columns ideal for integrating speakers, fans, misters, or any other embellishments you envision. Choose from round, no-taper, or square pergola posts paired with Napa tails to suit your backyard aesthetic.

Our Serenity® outdoor pergola kits boast ChromaGuard® engineered coating for enhanced protection and the wind-load-rated Arbor-Loc® tie-down system for added stability. You can also choose wind load plates when deciding on your pergola kit. These wind load plates increase wind resistance to gusts up to 160MPH. Personalize your outdoor pergola with twelve color choices and six rafter tail designs, ensuring a unique touch that reflects your style. Rest assured, our pergola kits require no insect or moisture repellants. Turn your backyard vision into reality with an outdoor pergola manufactured by HB&G.


We’ve answered some commonly asked questions about outdoor pergola kits. Have other questions? Contact us for additional information.

Is it Cheaper to Build or Buy a Pergola Kit?

Considering the expense of materials like wood, PVC, or fiberglass, along with the necessary accessories (including fasteners, tools, stains, and paints), constructing a pergola from the ground up can quickly become a financial burden. This doesn't even account for future maintenance expenses. Opting for an affordable pergola kit from HB&G is a cost-effective choice that will save you money immediately and in the long term.

What is the Best Material for a Pergola: Fiberglass, Wood, or PVC?

Choosing the ideal material for your outdoor pergola depends on various factors:

  • Fiberglass pergola kits are durable against the weather, support the internal wiring of electronic devices, and offer flexible customization options.
  • While wood presents a natural beauty, it demands more maintenance due to its susceptibility to time, weather, and insect damage, issues that are less of a concern with alternative materials.
  • PVC can mimic the look of wood, yet our cPVC pergola kits provide a wide range of designs suitable for any outdoor setting, all without the high maintenance wood entails.

Ultimately, PVC and fiberglass are superior for pergola kits due to their durability and longevity.

What is the Point of Having a Pergola?

An HB&G pergola system can turn a simple backyard, pool area, garden, or any outdoor space into a stunning retreat, perfect for hosting parties, weddings, or simply enjoying the beauty of garden vines and flowers. Additionally, installing a pergola kit enhances your home's curb appeal and value.

Request Info On Pergolas

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