Fiberglass Permacast® Columns

HB&G's PermaCast® columns are the most used columns in the United States. Made from a proprietary blend of fiber-reinforced polymers, PermaCast® columns provide an aesthetically pleasing column with exceptional structural capabilities. This durable and low maintenance column provides a seamless look to your front porch that stands up to the elements like no other product on the market. 

PermaCast® columns are available in tapered, no-taper, square, craftsman, and RoughSawn® profiles. With a multitude of sizes and styles and a wide variety of caps and bases, you can truly make your front porch an inviting piece of art. PermaCast® columns are rot-proof weatherproof, insect proof, and come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty. 

Round Columns are available fluted or plain. Square columns are available in plain, fluted (in certain sizes), and recessed panel varieties. With the application of different moulding styles, an applied panel column can be achieved as well.  Our latest innovation, the RoughSawn® column, gives you the look of a cedar post with the benefits of fiberglass. This style column is available in both square and craftsman options. PermaCast® columns, excluding RoughSawn® and Square Recessed Panel, can be factory split to wrap an existing post.  Split columns are not load bearing.

To make installation easier, our 6-12" Round and Square Poly Tuscan Cap and Base sets with flashing cap come with the patented* Plumb-Fit® installation system included. (Plumb-bob not included)


*Patent 9689674

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