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Exterior Columns

Exterior columns can make or break the overall aesthetic of your front entryway. The right exterior house columns provide an elegant, welcoming vibe. HB&G can help you set the right tone with exterior house columns in your choice of size, style and material. Find your exterior column today!

Exterior House Columns in Your Choice of Material

Whether you're a home builder or a homeowner, HB&G has the exterior columns you need in the material required for the job. If you're installing a structural column, choose attractive, low-maintenance fiberglass exterior house columns. Aluminum is lightweight and strong – and also a solid choice for structural columns. Wood exterior columns are another option, particularly if you're trying to maintain a traditional look – but they do require more maintenance. If you simply need to give an existing load-bearing column a facelift, we have PVC column wraps that provide an attractive, low-maintenance solution for your exterior column.

Decorative or Load-Bearing, We Have the Best Exterior House Columns for Your Property

Before ordering an exterior column, knowing whether it's a load-bearing or decorative column is essential. There are a few clues you can use to determine which type of exterior column you need:

  • Review the Blueprints: Your building's blueprints should show whether your exterior columns are decorative or load-bearing. If they're load-bearing, they'll generally be marked with an "S" (for structural). Decorative columns aren't always indicated in blueprints.
  • Look for Seams: If you see seams running lengthwise on opposite sides of the column, it's a good indication that your column is decorative.
  • Pull the Capital Back: The capital is located at the top of your exterior column. If you can pull the capital down, you'll see the original installation and can ascertain if you've got a load-bearing exterior column.
  • Check the Material: Wood, aluminum and fiberglass exterior columns all have load-bearing traits if they're not split. On the other hand, cellular PVC columns are decorative unless they have an internal support mechanism.

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Learn More About Exterior Columns for Porches

Whether you're about to invest in exterior columns for new construction or renovation of an existing porch, it's best to have all your concerns addressed upfront. Following are answers to some of those questions. If you need more information, please get in touch.

What Material Is Used for Exterior Columns?

Wood, aluminum, fiberglass and PVC wraps are all materials used in exterior columns. HB&G also offers PermaLock®, a versatile uplift anchoring system that's affordable and easy to install.

Are Porch Columns Load-Bearing?

Porch columns may be load-bearing, meaning they're structural, or they may simply be decorative, meaning they're not supporting your roof. It's crucial to know what type of porch column you're replacing. Refer to our article, How to Tell if You Have Load-Bearing or Decorative Columns, for more information.

How Do I Keep My Porch Columns From Rotting?

Rotting or insect-infested columns are only problematic if you have a wood exterior porch column. By choosing different materials for your exterior columns, such as fiberglass, aluminum or PVC, you won't need to worry about rotting or other damage associated with wood products.

HB&G Has Exterior Columns With Maximum Curb Appeal

HB&G's exterior columns offer a versatile and durable solution for enhancing the aesthetic appeal of any property. With a wide range of materials, styles and customization options, these columns can be tailored to meet the needs and preferences of your project. Whether you're a homeowner, contractor or architect, HB&G exterior house columns provide a timeless and elegant finishing touch that will elevate the curb appeal and value of any home or building. Find yours today!

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