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PermaCast® RoughSawn Columns

HB&G's latest innovation in structural spun cast columns is the RoughSawn® square and craftsman columns. This PermaCast® column has all the beauty of a cedar post without the issues of wood. RoughSawn® columns will not check, twist, split, or rot. They are low maintenance, weather and insect proof, and come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty. Rough cut columns give your rustic, farmhouse style design a durable and low maintenance finish. 

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RoughSawn® Square Sizes

Column Size


8" 8, 9, 10'
10" 8, 9, 10, 12'
12" 8, 9, 10, 12'

RoughSawn® Craftsman Sizes

Column Size*


10" x 6" 66"
12" x 8" 66"
12" 66"

RoughSawn® columns are not available factory split.

*Products shown have been painted for demonstration purposes. RoughSawn® columns are shipped unfinished and must be primed and painted after installation.

To add an aesthetic appeal to your RoughSawn® columns 4 and 6" trim and a 24" brace made from lightweight polyurethane are also available. An interior beveled option is also available for the craftsman RoughSawn® and for use on the square RoughSawn® if Perma-Loc® is being used.

4" Trim

6" Trim

3.5" Beveled Trim

24" Decorative Brace

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