PermaWrap® Columns

HB&G's PermaWrap® front porch column wrap collection of predesigned cellular PVC column wraps virtually eliminates the need for a custom product that has a custom price and lead time. 

We carry a wide variety of columns, including fiberglass columns and wood columns. We also provide:

  • Plain (L-wrap, Full Assembled with treated 4x4 wood post)
  • Fluted (Single, Double Panel)
  • Recessed Panel (Single, Double, Triple Panel)
  • Raised Panel (Single, Double, Triple Panel)
  • Craftsman (Plain, Recessed and Raised Panel)
  • Pedestals (Plain, Recessed and Raised Panel)

PermaWrap® Makes Installation Easy!

PermaWrap® 2 piece L-Shaped exterior column wraps include cap and base, nailing strips, squaring blocks, and adhesive caulk, simplifying the installation process. The exterior column covers can be positioned around the structural support as needed by adjusting the squaring blocks. Load-bearing fully assembled PermaWrap® with pressure treated 4x4 post options are also available. 

PVC Painting and Finishing

Need to learn how to paint and finish your PVC column? Here’s how you do it.

  1. Caulk where required using SiroFlex brand Sealant and Adhesive provided by HB&G.
  2. Putty any holes using acrylic putty or caulk.
  3. Lightly sand or scuff the surface of the column.
  4. Clean the surface of the column to remove any dirt or hand oil residue with light detergent and water, denatured alcohol, or window cleaner.
  5. Be sure to remove soap residue with clean water.
  6. Apply one coat of 100% acrylic exterior bonding primer and one or more finish coats of 100% acrylic exterior paint.

Do not paint columns using dark colors. Dark colors are considered any color that falls within the L-value of 56 to 0. L is a measure of the lightness of an object and ranges from 0 (black) to 100 (white). The paint manufacturer can give you the L-value of your paint choice.

Request Info on PermaWrap® Exterior Column Wraps

For details, dimensions, installation instructions and more information, please visit the Information Center, fill out the contact form, or call one of our knowledgeable customer service representatives at 1-800-264-4424. For architectural questions, specifications, and installation questions, please fill out the form on the Custom Take Offs page. For warranty questions or to file a claim, please email or fill out the contact form.