Wood Cap and Base Options -

Wood Cap and Base Options

There are several cap and base options for HB&G's wood columns. The same cap and base profiles offered in the PermaCast® line are also available for wood. Please visit the Round Tapered PermaCast® cap and base page for more options. These caps and bases are load-bearing, and the column fits between the capital and base and alters the height of the shaft. The most commonly ordered cap and base for wood columns is the standard set. It is available in 6, 8, 10, and 12". What you need to know when ordering a cap and base set for wood columns: Using a decorative capital with a wood shaft will alter the height of the shaft. When ordering a decorative cap, order the appropriate base for the column. Ensure exact opening measurement prior to ordering column length. The cap and base fit on top and bottom of the column insulating it from the elements. Wood column caps and bases require ventilation at the top and bottom.

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