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Porch Columns

HB&G porch columns serve a dual role of aesthetics and functionality, adding architectural charm and structural integrity to your property. From charming residential bungalows to grand commercial establishments, porch columns exude undeniable allure that enhances the structure's overall look and feel.

Columns for Porch Support

A porch column is pivotal in supporting the overhanging structures in buildings, such as a roof or balcony. Whether it's a residential porch, a commercial patio or a grand entrance, columns for porch support bear the weight of the structures above, ensuring safety and structural integrity. They're designed to evenly distribute the weight down into the building's foundation, preventing undue strain on any one part of the structure. This ensures that the building remains solid and secure. In addition to their load-bearing capacity, columns for porches must also resist environmental stressors like wind and weather, adding to their importance in overall building stability.

Choosing the Best Material for Your Porch Column

Your choice of porch column material depends on the desired aesthetic and functional outcomes you wish to achieve. Following are several options to consider.


HB&G fiberglass columns are distinguished as the only ones meeting the updated International Building Code (IBC) and International Residential Code (IRC) requirements, in addition to the Acceptance Criteria for Fiberglass Columns. Fiberglass makes a prime choice for columns for your porch due to its resistance against weather, decay and insect damage while boasting exceptional durability. Our porch columns are complemented by low-maintenance, sturdy bases and caps that can emulate the aesthetic you're aiming for, be it a nod to historical precision or a sleek, modern flair. For an effortless installation process, consider our innovative SmartColumn™, which incorporates a pultruded sleeve and beveled cap and base, thereby circumventing the need for onsite column construction.


Our load-bearing aluminum columns for porches are a sturdy yet lightweight option, ideal for decking and porch supports. Not only do they enhance curb appeal, but they also serve as a self-sustaining decorative feature for entrances, porches and carports, among other uses. These aluminum support columns are available in a consistent white finish and require minimal upkeep. Resistant to rot, warping and splitting that often plague wooden alternatives, aluminum columns are a durable and enduring choice. Along with load-bearing aluminum columns, we also have wrap-around style porch columns for sale that encase an existing pole or support.


HB&G's dedicated architectural wood shop delivers an extensive array of stock and custom-sized wood columns. Select from unadorned, completely tapered or fluted styles. We offer these columns in paint-ready, finger-jointed wood options, including redwood, pine or cedar, making them suitable outdoor columns for porches. For your convenience, each stock wood porch column comes factory-primed, allowing you to paint it to your taste and apply an asphalt coating for extra protection.

Perma-Loc® System

Our Perma-Loc® System offers a versatile solution for anchoring uplifts, making it easy to install, adaptable and cost-effective. Every Perma-Lock® kit complies with building codes and safeguards the extended roof lines from wind uplift forces, effectively addressing issues faced in coastal locations across commercial, residential and municipal installations.

PVC Column Wraps

Crafted from cellular PVC, these porch column wraps are resistant to insects and moisture while retaining wood's substantial feel, user-friendliness and manageability. An added benefit is their ease of installation, making these PVC column wraps a convenient choice. Additionally, they come backed by a 25-year Limited Warranty for extra peace of mind.

Frequently Asked Questions About Porch Columns

We're always happy to answer questions about our porch columns. If we haven't addressed your question below, please get in touch.

What Style of Columns for Porches Do You Have?

We offer various porch columns for sale to suit your specific aesthetic needs, whether you're aiming for a modern or classic look. We provide both round and square columns for porches. The round columns come in plain or fluted designs, while the square columns can be fluted, plain or enhanced with recessed panels. To complete the look of your porch column, you can select from our range of bases and caps. Whatever your project's design requirements are, we have a porch column solution to meet them.

Are All of Your Porch Columns Able to Bear Structural Weight?

Our column wraps encase load-bearing columns strictly to provide a decorative look. All other porch columns are load-bearing.

Can I Install a Porch Column Myself?

While it's possible for a skilled DIY enthusiast to install a porch column, it's usually recommended that you engage a professional. This is especially true for load-bearing columns, where incorrect installation can lead to serious structural issues. Certain products, such as HB&G's SmartColumn™ or PVC column wraps, are easier to install.

Transform Your Property With HB&G Porch Columns

The power to elevate your property's aesthetic and structural appeal lies in selecting the right porch columns. Whether aiming for a classic or modern vibe, HB&G's vast array of porch column materials and styles ensures you'll find the perfect match for your project. Our porch columns not only enhance the visual appeal of your property but also offer strength and durability to withstand weather and environmental factors. Find the perfect HB&G porch columns for sale today!

PermaCast® Column Installation

Learn how to install Perma-Cast®, the most-used column in the United States. PermaCast® porch columns are made from a proprietary blend of fiber-reinforced polymers to create an aesthetically pleasing column with exceptional structural capabilities.

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