PermaWrap® Pedestals -

PermaWrap® Pedestals

Put your column on a pedestal with PermaWrap® Pedestal options from HB&G. For craftsman and farmhouse designs, a pedestal is an important part of the exterior look of your porch. The PermaWrap® Pedestals are the answer. 

The pedestals come with a hole in the top to fit the lead bearing post down the center and the column on top of the pedestal. HB&G offers the PermaWrap® pedestal in plain, recessed panel, and raised panel styles. Our pedestals are manufactured using a 1/2" thick PVC. 

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PermaWrap® Pedestal Sizes (Plain, Recessed and Raised Panel)

Pedestal Width


12" 40, 46"
16" 40, 46"
20" 40, 46"
24" 40, 46"


HB&G manufactures custom pedestal widths and lengths for your specific needs. 

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