PermaWrap® Woodgrain PVC Columns -

PermaWrap® Woodgrain PVC Columns

PermaWrap® Woodgrain PVC Columns offer a revolutionary solution for contractors and DIY enthusiasts looking to quickly and effortlessly transform treated posts into decorative columns. Our cutting-edge design eliminates the hassle of cutting and shaping other materials on-site, making your project smoother and more efficient.

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Key Features:

Quick Transformation: Easily convert a simple post into a decorative column in minutes with our porch post wraps.
Realistic Woodgrain Pattern: Our embossed woodgrain pattern closely resembles popular trim boards, adding a touch of realism and sophistication to any project.
Moisture and Insect Resistant: Made from cellular PVC, PermaWrap® Woodgrain PVC Columns are immune to the detrimental effects of moisture and insects, ensuring long-lasting durability.
Workability of Wood: Enjoy the benefits of PVC with the workability of real wood, providing flexibility in design and application.
Warranty Protection: Feel confident in your investment with our 25-year Residential and 10-year Multifamily Limited Warranty.


Ideal for Professionals and Homeowners

Whether you're a seasoned contractor or a DIY aficionado, PermaWrap® Woodgrain PVC Columns are designed to simplify your work while enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your projects. Perfect for both indoor and outdoor applications, our columns support a wide range of architectural styles.Ready to elevate your architectural projects with PermaWrap® Woodgrain PVC Columns? Explore the elegance and durability of our products and see the difference for yourself.




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